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September 19, 2007
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Sugary Kisses

It was Changmin’s 20th birthday. Today was the day that he had finally hit the second digits. When he arose that day, he didn’t feel very much changed. More or less he felt a string of overwhelming emotions and thoughts slam into him at once. It wasn’t that he regretted not doing anything in his university years, but it was more the fact that the friends he did have before in his school weren’t as connected to him as he’d like them to be. How he missed them so much. He remembered times where he would lay up awake in the room, just thinking and wishing that they would come surprise him. Even if it was just a stop in... a phone call, a letter, an e-mail. Anything to show that they hadn’t forgotten.

What was the use? The back of his head, his reliable side which always knew the truth. He was famous now. He had tried out for the group Dong Bang Shin Ki. There was no more time… for friends. No more time for the movies, no more time for goofing off. No more being a kid.

Changmin stumbled his way to the washroom, not half asleep, but liked to pretend he was. His cute innocence radiated from his body. The tanned skin that clashed with his silk white boxers he wore. His chest was exposed. Certainly this was the day a boy grew into a male. Though it hadn’t been as noticeable before, Changmin’s workout habits had become more constant. More and more he would visit the gym in the small house they had and train as long as he could or until he wore himself out. It had paid off grandly. The lisping muscles that firmed oh so slightly. Any fangirl of DBSK would die to see this scene. How his brown locks was pressed onto his face like a character from a show. Death Note to be precise. A character named Raito. Changmin was into anime and he certainly had heard of Death Note. When Yunho had tackled him like an older brother would and messed up his hair purposely to show the comic to him, pointing the similar hair that he had with the man. When Changmin discovered later on the series what Raito had done, he was almost ashamed of having the hair. Still, it wasn’t long enough for the hairstyle that the SM Entertainment people wanted, so for now, he was stuck with this hair. Though apparently he had received many compliments about he adorable he was. He couldn’t help but smile.

After a quick steamy shower and the brushing of his teeth, Changmin came out to slip on his clothes. He wasn’t picky about today but he was surprised that everyone had left the room. Usually he was the one to wake up late and everyone would pull a prank on him because he was the youngest. Sometimes the members could be so cruel to him. He had gotten so mad once he just wanted to blow them off and leave, but he knew that it would end up bad if he just got as mad as they did. Usually he would stay quiet and mope around. Sooner or later someone realized that he was sad and apologized. Yunho was usually the one to pick on him but Xiah was always the one to yell at Yunho for it. He was happy he had Xiah, someone that he could relate to. Atleast friend-wise, he was the closest.

But then… there was.


Changmin’s head turned slightly at the call to his voice. As if the angel had struck the chimes, there stood the eldest of the group. Jaejoong.

Jaejoong stood there with a peaceful expression on his face, showing an innocent bliss that Changmin found mesmerizing. For the reasons he didn’t know why. Something about him, made him at peace. Of course, he really didn’t think much of it, or at least… he tried not to have too much thought into it. JJ was wearing a sleek black tank top that fit him so well. It made his skin vibrate against Changmin’s eyes. His black hair crowded together, flipping with desire in every strand. The jeans clutched his thighs so tightly; that you’d think the skin was actually suffocating. Of course JJ had also thrown in some belts and chains that hung noticeably at the side. As much as Changmin didn’t like to rank the bodies of the group, he would assume that JJ was the total and complete eye-candy of Korea.

Jaejoong stood with his oblivious face looking at Changmin. He could see Changmin’s eyes analyzing him and he couldn’t help but catch his eyes for a moment. When this happened, Changmin immediately drew his gaze down before he looked at what he was doing. In his hands were the black jeans that read “Rockawear” down the sides of it with large pockets. He was only halfway into pulling them up.

Changmin still hadn’t gotten dressed.

Changmin’s face flared and he held up his hands in embarrassment. “H-hyung! I’m not done changing!” Shouting loudly he felt an impulse to try and cover himself. Of course, this caused his pants to drop and now they were around his ankles, exposing his legs.

Beady eyes were looking at his legs interested in them. How they looked so soft and supple, as if he was as fragile as a china doll. Jaejoong’s full lips dried at the image that casted into the forbidden fruits of his mind, tempted to stick his tongue and stroke the bottom of his lip with it. Slowly across the luscious pink to make a final sigh noise before smacking the two together. He refrained… of course. Being the eldest… he had to set some example. Jaejoong chuckled inwardly and waved a hand. “Fine… fine. I’ll turn around. Is that alright? Changmin?”

Bending down to immediately pull the pants up and fumble around with the zipper he nodded his head. Changmin’s senses still hadn’t fully awoken yet, and what a thing to happen to wake him up. Finally he had successfully driven his pants to hang on his waist loosely, adding a belt to keep it in that space before grabbing a white t-shirt that cut just by his midriff, showing the smooth skin that was there. Finally adding a black vest he ruffled his chestnut hair and smoothed it back down, before sighing and pouting a bit at Jaejoong from across the room, his face only resembling the cutest cartoon animation. “Hyung shouldn’t walk in on me like that. Couldn’t you have knocked first?” Jaejoong turned his head finally and his eyes blinked before he put out his hands. “But you’re a guy it shouldn’t bother you if I see. We’re all men here as of today, right Changmin?” He asked him before Changmin sighed lightly and crossed his arms a bit, walking over to him. Changmin was around Jaejoong’s height, but he was slowly getting to be taller. It felt weird to him being the youngest and yet the tallest. Sometimes it would make the outfits he wears and some dance moves of his look very odd. It wasn’t until he watched back most of the performances that he realized that some adjustments had to be made. He was planning to talk about the choreographer and the designer later on in the week before the tour they had to do in Japan. He had a lot on his plate this week; he’d have to review his Japanese. His face faded from his pout look to be replaced with one of much more worry. Hands laced, gripping his pants to clench and unclench them a bit.

Jaejoong could see his vibrancy fade without even looking at his face. Changmin had always been the innocence of the group, but now that he was maturing, his seriousness towards things was also growing. Although he was older, he was always the one to act around with the rest of the group. Today was his birthday. How the years pass-by. He remembered a time where Changmin was quiet and so collective. Never feeling comfortable with anyone but Xiah. At least… that’s what Jaejoong had heard him say at an interview they had all attended, asking the beginnings of Dong Bang Shin Ki.

The eldest member of the group felt a guilt plaguing the back of his head. Here was the youngest boy in DBSK and he was probably worrying about things to come in the future. It was his birthday. He shouldn’t be trying to take on things all the time.

Swiftly, Jaejoong placed a hand by his shoulder and tilted the chin of Changmin to face him. “Changmin, I don’t like that serious on you. Relax…” Jaejoong’s breath puffed lightly on the lips of Changmin.

“Maybe we should celebrate my birthday later. There’s still so much to do before the tour. Try on outfits, practice the dancing, our vocal practice, oh and the new single to be released within a month needs to be worked on. What about the Japanese lessons? We still need to take them and—” The world froze. Gentle fingers brushed his chin and it made his eyes grow a bit in size. A look of pure bliss is what Jaejoong had seen in his eyes and Changmin could feel his heartbeat in his head.

So close…
To me…
Come closer…

Lips quivered a bit as the warm air contacted them, making him weak in the knees. His emotions that were locked in a treasure chest in his heart had been busted open by just the smallest of movements. He would never admit it; he wasn’t allowed to admit it.

Jae… joong…

“Today’s your birthday… take a break… will yah?” Jaejoong smiled at him and patted him solidly on the back and went towards the door. When Changmin made no movement to follow, Jaejoong looked back at him and frowned. “Changmin?”

The poor boy was frozen in spot, resisting the urge to bring his fingers to his lips. His face definitely looked a bit more peaceful and calm then from before, but at the same time, slightly shaken. A large lump was swallowed quietly before his head turned to look pleadingly at Jaejoong, as if asking for something. After a moment of dead air silence, he figured that nothing was going to happen. Limping out of his stoned position, his arms went forward with his legs and he was behind the black-haired beauty.

“Yes Hyung~”
This is an old fanfiction I did, but one of my favourites. It's dedicated to JaeMin's 20th birfday. :3 Enjoy~

Please don't take without permission~ C:
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shinmje Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2011
Hello, I like your fiction much, so can I translate it into Vietnamese and post it on [link] Sugary Kisses and Sinful Summer Sweets. Pleaseeeee, thanks very much. So, you are Jaemin couples's fan?
xiahbebeh Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2011
Hello~ thank you for asking permission.
Yes, you may post it on this forum, but I do ask that you link back to this DA account. ^^
shinmje Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2011
Thank you! I will link back your DA account ^^
Kyoridojin Featured By Owner May 7, 2011
OMG! FANGASM!!!!!!!! I pictured them both so sexy! And WAAAAAH! I MISS MOMENTS LIKE THESE! I WISH ALL FIVE OF THEM WERE TOGETHER AGAIN! But for now i'll support 3+2. I'M NOT TAKING SIDES! :iconlaughingplz: :iconcryingplz:
xiahbebeh Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2011
Oh thank you! I've been so in-active so sorry for the late reply ^^;
I miss them all together as well :( Now I can only picture them in my writing as them all together. I hope they get through these hard times.
Kyoridojin Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2011
You're welcome! I miss them all as five and when they broke apart I was listening to Magic Castle by the five of them when my friend e-mailed the news to me that they split and I cried. I just hope Super Junior doesn't end up that way. I'm writing a story as well. Right now as we speak. :meow:
xiahbebeh Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2011
Oh that's terrible. It's amazing how people get attached to people they have never met before. I was so outraged when they split. :( They mean so much in our lives that it's hard to explain. Not a lot of people can understand it.

Oh! Are you now? I would love to read it ^^
Kyoridojin Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2011
Most people don't try to understand. They see men with too much make up on, men who are gay, and men who have no talent and a weird fashion sense (quote from people I've tried to convert) .

They should stare at Justin Bieber and question wether he's real or not instead of questioning people who are more real than we could ever imagine and even more hilarious than we could ever imagine.

I have to figure out how to submit stuff first.
threehoursbackx Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2008  Hobbyist Artist

I couldn't help but fangirl at: JJ was wearing a sleek black tank top that fit him so well. It made his skin vibrate against Changmin’s eyes. His black hair crowded together, flipping with desire in every strand. The jeans clutched his thighs so tightly; that you’d think the skin was actually suffocating.

....I practically died.

I hope Yoochun won't punish me for that. XD

Great job with the one-shot, though~ JaeMin ^^
xiahbebeh Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2008
Thank you x3 I'm glad you liked it! <3
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